Obesity Kills But You Can Escape! Let’s See How

Obesity Kills

Obesity is one of the biggest and growing health problems generation Z is facing today. With the rapid growth of this world, even our bodies are growing inexplicably. Obesity gives birth to an excessive amount of fat in the body causing several other health problems. Over-eating, stress, and disturbed sleep cycle are considered as the common causes of obesity but actually there are ample of other things which are giving rise to it.

With the technological and industrial revolution, it has become an unavoidable issue for the majority of the population. This advancement is affecting the entire system and causing major biological problems including obesity. It not only increases the risk of other diseases and health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers but also affects the whole functioning of the body.

Apart from this, food availability is one major factor which is helping obesity to grow. Earlier, storing up food was the key to a healthy lifestyle but now, one can find food everywhere, especially junk and packaged food. Moreover, excess advertisement of these food items is attracting a crude population through different mediums.


There are several things which must be taken into consideration to build a better and healthier future.

  • Parents must encourage their children to learn about various problems which arise due to obesity. They must make them build early relationships with healthy foods. Small kids must be encouraged to try a variety of different fruits, vegetables and proteins. As a family, every member should help other members to adopt healthy eating habits. The least we can do is make them learn to incorporate these healthy foods into their diet from an early age.

  • Moreover, indulging in fun and exciting physical activities is the need of the hour. Instead of sticking on to cell phones, gaming, laptops and OTT platforms, it is very necessary for a human body to perform outdoor activities for at least 60 minutes. Also, as parents, you must limit your child’s screen time and keep a tab on sleeping habits. Sleep plays a significant role in weight loss and reduces stress, both of which are the most common factors leading to obesity.

  • In addition to these, adults are required to focus on happier things and try to keep themselves away from stressful situations. They need to realise that whatever they are doing, they are transferring it to their children. Better to transfer healthy genes.

Well, Obesity is not just a cosmetic consideration but an actual medical problem which must be treated timely. Kill fat before it kills you!