Top 5 Social Media trends you need to know in 2020.

Social media has become such an important part of our lives. What started as a way to communicate with individuals and families, has recently become a channel for genres and businesses to connect with their target audience through well-thought-out communication strategies.

With the rapid growth of this medium, many means of communication have emerged and emerged over the years. Adapting to these new and future trends is what helps businesses keep up with the fierce competition.

We have compiled a list of the top 2020 social media trends that every marketer should follow in order to get better engagement and online visibility.

Raising Engagement With Ephemeral Content

Top 5 Social Media

If ephemeral content sounds new to you, you can better understand when it comes to social media. Yes, we are talking about short-term content that disappears within 24 hours of posting, AKA Facebook and Instagram Stories.

The stories are fun, engaging, and keeping people on their toes, literally! The brands are experimenting with the "STORY" feature on Facebook and Instagram to give their customers a chance to look inside their world.

While photos and videos and written content continue to inform everyone about new product launches, offers, and other public announcements, product news is focused on being personal and informal. Therefore, customers can expect more product involvement in the coming days with them rolling out polls, quizzes, “behind the scene” moments, random banters, workplace tours and a whole variety of engaging content which will help everyone know a brand very closely.

Growing Demand for Social Media Chatbot Communication

Top 5 Social Media

When it comes to communicating with the customer service department of a particular type, no one wants to spend his or her time communicating with computer staff as a genre. This is a straightforward idea that can come to mind when people hear of chatbots.

Fortunately, negotiations in 2020 and beyond are not a waste of people's time but bring quick decisions to the table. Powered AI chatbots can better understand your questions and concerns and provide you with the best solutions in seconds.

Virtual Socialising

Who would have thought that groups or reunions could only happen when people CERTAINLY met? Life under Lockdown has sparked an increase in a variety of virtual circles where you can gather online to play board games, watch movies at the same time, and host restaurant and beverage after-hours video conferences.

Top 5 Social Media

There is also a very late nightlife, where visual circles take place with the help of video apps like Zoom and Houseparty. With these apps, you can host great parties, fun hours, family reunions, and church services.

Brands adapting to AR and VR Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are trending in social media by 2020 as brands try to offer exciting user experience. Many e-commerce companies have adapted to powerful AR purchases, allowing users to try out products before buying them. This will help consumers to make informed decisions before planting something.

Platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook allow users to try to filter by hundreds of different images or to create videos or share them across, including updating profile photos and logos or tags.

Top 5 Social Media

Advanced technology players make VR gears available to users at an affordable price, which allows them to enjoy the immersive gaming experience. Facebook offers a feature called “Facebook Spaces,” where up to 3 people can communicate using a VR device.

There is still much-needed development in the VR and AR field, and people are already in it. Hopefully, in the future, VR and AR technology will be fully deployed and highlight user experience with more bumps.

Video Content Continues to Bloom

Video content is probably the most involved content now, and it's here to stay longer. In fact, the brand is rapidly changing the video content and puts you ahead of the written content and images.

Many brands also consider introducing premium video-based content to engage more people. Videos can quickly capture users' attention and keep them invited to the screen.

Top 5 Social Media